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Ingredient Solution

We will provide a blend of tea and other Indian base spices like Garam Masala. It will be the best source for the importers to get Indian based blends and the customize blend option as required. We will offer you the best Ingredient Solution soon.

Private Label Packaging

We offer the Private Label Packaging for the customers as requirement. We offer the various types of label to select the best match for your product. The different types of packing options in wide range of quantity packing we be provided.

Contract Processing

As the long term business opportunity we are providing the Contract service for all products and as per contract we will give you the best quality product in every shipment. The quality will remain same in every shipment and the proceeding will be fast and safe and the most important we assure the time and no delay in any shipment.

Contract Farming

The contract farming is the value for money service we offer to our customers that we are doing contract with the farmers to have the best quality product that grows in our clear inspection and to maintain the quality we are going the soil test before doing any contract with farmers. The best benefit of this service is to offer the cheapest rate of product that we directly buy from the buyer not any mediator. After buying the product from farmers we assure the customers requirement and the label packaging and the best logistic service will be provied.

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